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  1. Hey guys! I applied for the Knoxville campus at LMU for the 2018 ASN spring program. Has any one gotten their acceptance letter yet? I emailed the lady yesterday and she said there is not set time that they come in.
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  3. by   kmarie0387
    I also applied for the LMU 2018 ASN program (Blount campus). I have not received an acceptance letter yet. I called on September 19th (ironically enough) and he said they were reviewing the applications but had not made any decisions yet. Have you received your letter since the initial post? I'm terrified/excited to check the mail every day! Need this stress to end!!
  4. by   lynch10
    I applied for the 2018 bridge at the Blount campus back in August and have heard nothing.
  5. by   kmarie0387
    Are you taking any classes right now? The director of enrollment e-mailed on Monday asking for an update when midterm grades have posted.
  6. by   lynch10
    No, I'm not currently enrolled in anything. I still have to do micro if I get accepted though. I wasn't able to go this semester. Maybe we will find something out soon. Are you finishing up your prerequisites?
  7. by   kmarie0387
    I am in Microbiology and Developmental Psychology right now. I will still have A&P II next semester. Since there are still items to complete prior to starting the program, I am hoping we find out soon because the holidays could slow down that process. Plus, after all this mental anguish, it would be nice to have a week or so with less anxiety.
  8. by   lynch10
    Ah I see. Well I saw where some people are posting about being accepted into the traditional so maybe we will know soon! I still have ap2 and micro to go.
  9. by   kmarie0387
    Got the letter yesterday and it was dated October 16. Did you get yours? If not, by the end of the month for sure, I would think... There are a few things that have to be completed before starting.
  10. by   lynch10
    Were you traditional or bridge? I've received nothing
  11. by   lynch10
    The reason I'm asking is because the woman said the bridge students would receive theirs after the trafictional students
  12. by   kmarie0387
  13. by   lynch10
    Ok I applied for the bridge so it'll be a while for me. I hope you got in!!
  14. by   kmarie0387
    I did! Hope you do, too! Can't imagine it would be too much longer. GOOD LUCK!!

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