Southwest TCC Fall 2018 hopefuls

  1. hello everyone. I applied for Southwest's nursing program for the fall 2018 semester. Has anyone else applied for this semester? I wanted to create a thread for those of us hoping to get in this semester. I am so nervous!!!! They said we should here something by April-May... Maybe we can start our journey together in this thread. If anyone has been on the program, or is currently in the program, please join and share your experiences thus far!
    oh My scores were
    NLN EXAM-120
    G.P.A -3.3
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  3. by   PositivelyB
    Hi I applied for Fall 2018. This wait is literally getting the best of me. Have you personally spoke to admin about when we would be notified?
  4. by   Jrbnson15
    No I haven't spoke with anyone. I'm assuming we will hear something by the end of this week though....or next week. I'm getting very impatient. Lol
  5. by   PositivelyB
    I didn't do too well on the NLN but my overall index score is 62 rounded up. So that makes me more at ease when it come to the selection process. This wait is annoying bc my family wants to take trip for the half end of this year and I have to keep telling them idk bc I don't know if I'll be in school or not. Do you have all of your pre-reqs, I have everything but statistics.
  6. by   Jrbnson15
    Oh you're doing good then. I think my index score is around 59 or 60. Yes I have all of my prerequisites out of the way. Nothing left to take.
  7. by   Jrbnson15
    Hey @PositivelyB, I spoke with whom im guessing was the secretary, in the nursing department today. She said that they have met, and made decisions. she also said that we should receive letters via email before the end of next week! I knew they would keep us waiting until the last minute.
  8. by   PositivelyB
    I'm glad you heard something but it's just sad we had to wait this long. Ugh I really was counting on today being the day considering past post on here. Well let's continue to wait, it's not like we have much of a choice lol.
  9. by   RLWroadrunner
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    Here is a Facebook group for those of us waiting on this Friday's emails!
  10. by   RLWroadrunner
    I keep trying to post the facebook group link, but it keeps rejecting my posts, Ha.

    go to Facebook . com / groups / 2053106824950906

    but with no spaces.

    The wait for Friday's emails is killing me!!