Should I just go for an ASN?

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    I have a bachelor's degree in public health. I intended to work in adminsitration but decided in my last year of school to pursue nursing (something I had always contemplated but for whatever reason put it off). So I managed to get my last few pre-reqs in for nursing school and applied and got into a couple accelerated BSN and ASN programs. Ideally, I'd love to just get the BSN out of the way but money and timing makes me feel I should do ASN first. The BSN starts in October and the ASN starts in January which means I could save more money to afford living and school expenses and not have to work (other than work study). With the BSN I am looking at more direct school debt plus debt that comes from living expenses (I know some have worked full time while in nursing school but knowing me, I wouldn't be able to swing more than 15 hours). So I thought I would do the ASN program and then immediately start an RN-BSN bridge after graduating and finding a job. I desire to work in a nursing home, hospice, or LTC setting rather than a hospital setting. Would I have much issue finding work as an RN with an associates out of school in these settings? Where I live and work isn't a big concern, I hope to stay within the East Tennessee region. Any advice?
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