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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm so glad I found this forum so there could be a support system of nurses. I am currently in Memphis, TN and just graduated college. i have decided that nursing school is the path for me. I have a low gpa from undergrad(2.64) but I know that I can do so much better. I haven't taken any of the prereqs and I know if I take them I can do much better. What do you think my chances are of getting into Lowenberg? I am thinking of going on the accelerated route since I already have a BA. How do I strengthen my application and do you think that I should apply at all? What does the admissions committee look for in a candidate?
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    As far as GPA, you have to have a 2.7. It's very competitive and the accelerated program only allows 20 people to enter the program per year, based on student GPAs. I already spoke to my advisor and she said you can apply as long as you plan to take the pre courses prior to starting the program. If I were you I would go ahead and take the pre courses (all of them are online) and take the TEAS test on campus. I wouldn't apply until you have completed your course work. Those classes also could bring up your GPA. I will warn you that I took Microbiology and I made a C in lecture and a B in lab. It was challenging. But I think if you are dedicated to this career and really study hard you could bring up your GPA. You only need .6 pts. to go! Oh and I did not figure out until I spoke to the advisor that you also can go the traditional route with nursing (2.5 yrs). It's still challenging, but you get breaks and take it slower. I'm still confused which one I really want to do. Check out these websites for curriclum plans. there are 2 choices (accel or traditional)_

    Accelerated Path
    Loewenberg School of Nursing :: Accelerated Degree :: University of Memphis

    Traditional Path
    Loewenberg School of Nursing :: Applying to the BSN Program :: University of Memphis (click Sample BSN Curriculum Plan in blue. You would start during the fall sophmore year section. Plus you could start Spring 2013 after you took pre courses and GPA is up)

    I just graduated from Memphis this past spring. I am also applying for the
    nursing program...hopefully for this fall. I have microbiology but not A&P 1 and 2 or
    NUTR. I am taking A&P 1 with the lab this spring online. I have already been
    studying. LOL. I graduated with a bachelor's in education and have a teaching job, but I have always wanted to be a nurse too and with nursing there are so many possibilities and ways to grow. I want to be a educational nursing coordinator someday. I am a newlywed and have no children and want to go ahead and do this before I do
    I hope this helped Good Luck!
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    @Stanford88 Thanks so much for the reply. I have a couple of questions for you. Are you automatically guaranteed admission with a 2.7 or do they take the highest GPA's? Are there a limited number of seats? Also, since I haven't taken any of the prereqs, do you think it is alright to take them from Southwest? Since I have an undergrad degree, I have some of the english classes. Should i just do the prereqs such as nutrition, a&p, and Microbiology? I would love to get started ASAP as soon as I finish my prereqs. If I do apply for Spring 2013 then do you think it is alright if I am finishing up my prereqs in Fall of 2012 so I can get started immediately and don't have to wait an extra sem? Good luck on your application! Also do you know anything about financial aid?
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    Hey. I was told the accelerated has limited seats but the traditional bsn accepts you at a 2.7. As far as still figuring it out too. Going to bank to see about a loan:/ im taking my pre reqs at Memphis to be safe. Its expensive but I heard its a pain to get them transfered. So do u think ull do the traditional bsn so u can start next spring? I think im going to do absn. Im anxious to get through. And no one has posted anything about the accelerated program. I have so many questions!
  6. by   Pink Magnolia
    Oh and yes take micro a&p 1&2 and nutrition. Im taking a&p1 now and this summer nutrition ap2 and a statistics class. Have u thought about taking summer classes? Reapply online. It will take a few days then you can call to schedule an appointment with an advisor. She helped me so much.
  7. by   ad90
    I would love to do the ABSN but don't know if I can get in because of the grades. I called the nursing school today and they keep transferring me to different offices so I didn't really get to talk to an advisor about the program. Do you know of anyone that I can get in touch with? They told me to come to the Transition Thursday program..... Didn't find them really helpful Good luck with your application! By the way, is it too late to sign up for classes at U of M for this semester? I have never taken classes there.
  8. by   Pink Magnolia
    Hey ad90!

    First go to
    Then apply. Check online to see status.
    Then schedule an appointment with advisor. Call the Academic advising office. Go to Academic Counseling Center :: Welcome :: University of Memphis for the #.
    Then apply for class.

    You should have until Jan 12.

    I still want info on the ABSN! So if any readers have been in the LSON accelerated program....please tell us how things are