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I'm thirty five. Mom of four. Am i crazy? I've always loved the idea of becoming a nurse, but never actually had the nerve to go out there and do it. College was never discussed when i was growing... Read More

  1. by   SADIE'S MOM
    I am 53 yrs old and am taking my LPN state board exams next week! I enrolled in night classes at TTCN in October 2004 and worked part time also. Being older has some advantages; while the younger folks were struggling to party and study, I only had to study! Graduated with a 92 average. It takes a committment to study a little more, cause your brain is a bit older! But worth every single moment.
  2. by   darlanow
    It used to be "don't trust anyone over 30" and now it's "50 is the new 40" so I figure soon "70 will be the new middle age." That means at 43 I can start nursing school in the fall feeling like a "young thang."