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  1. Originally I was planning on going to PA school after a few years of nursing experience because it's been my experience that PAs get to do more of what I'd like to do ER/Trauma/ICU than do NPs. However, I've been told this varies by region. My wife and I are considering moving to Nashville and I know Vandy has a nice NP program and the PA school there is quite expensive. (Vandy pays a tuition stipend for employees...)

    I was wondering what the NP situation is like there. Like I said, I'm interested in ER/Trauma/ICU. I don't mind doing the fast track and floor stuff, but I don't want to do that exclusively. If I work in an ER, I'd like to see all the patients. If I work in Trauma, I'd like to get to cover the ICUs. (I've heard Vandy uses NPs in Trauma, but just for clinic and floor).

    Any info would be most appreciated!
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