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  1. I am applying to Motlow's nursing program for fall 13 and having some EXTREME anxiety about if I will get in. I am moving from Hawaii to TN with my two children to complete my degree and this means being away from my husband for the length of my schooling ... Can anyone who has been accepted to the program in the past please post their gpa and HESI scores so I can know what to expect... I only have a 3.3 because I have taken several classes due to having to move around so much (my husband is military).... is there any chance that I can get accepted? Thanks!
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  3. by   MilliePieRN
    I got in with a 4.0 and 93.5 hesi score, there were lower scores. You can get in if you get a high hesi score, it is weighted more than gpa. It is really competitive, but totally doable. This year there were over 900 applicants. It is a fantastic program; the instructors are incredible.

    If you have any specific questions you can pm me.