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  1. hi..i'm new to this forum. i have dreamed all my life of being a nurse. i did not pursue this earlier in my life because i was discouraged by my parents in high school (they said "you will never make it through nursing school..it's too hard for someone like you"!) i chose psychology instead and right after college i got married. well, here again i was discouraged by my ex husband from going back to be a nurse. over the years, i have provided care for my grandparents and learned about their health, illnesses, meds, etc. they are both deceased now. i have a stronger desire now than ever to minister to the sick and afflicted by being a nurse. i am planning on beginning classes this spring. i am looking a an lpn program at t technology school. will i be able to work in a hospital or doctor's office as a lpn in west tn? i hear from some people that more of these places are only hiring rn's now and that lpn's just do basic nurse's aide duties. this is not what i want. since i have no experience in nursing or the medical field i would rather start out as as lpn and then later possibly look at doing an lpn to rn program. can anyone offer me any advice or suggestions? also, is it possible if you have some minor disabilities that you can be successful as a lpn? i have some slight back problems and have to have "resting" or "sitting" breaks sometimes. in the past, i was able to do some of my responsiblitlies while sitting on a rolling stool or chair because employers had to comply with the american with disabilities act. is this true for lpn or rn's also? sorry for the long post but want to have all my facts before i begin my journey. thanks for you input.
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  3. by   tntech1
    Go for it!! The only problem I see with your case is your back problem. I have been in the medical field for 10 yrs. and from what I have seen nurses have to do some lifting. You might one day have to lift a patients who has falling and you are the only able person at that time availble to assist that patient. I would really think about the back issue you have. You can choose many careers, but you only have one BACK!!!!! take care of it!!!
  4. by   dreams2BNscrub
    Yeah I have spent several hours thinking about taking care of myself. But I have one huge problem...I have tried several different careers and jobs and I have yet to find fulfillment and satisfaction. I have not been happy in any of them. I feel this is because of my strong desire and a sense of a calling to be in the medical field..a nurse. I think I am going to go for it and if a problem arises I will deal with it then. I can always change from nursing should I have a problem. At least I would know and maybe that would help my sense of fulfillment. Thanks. Please any other suggestions or advice.
  5. by   tntech1
    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just be careful and acknowlegde you have a back problem. Remember what I said the first time, go for your dream. Maybe you can do some strength training to help you with your back problem umpiron: umpiron: umpiron: . KEEP ME POST IT:roll :roll :roll . GOOD LUCK!!!

    P.S. I would try LPN first just to get your feet wet. If you like it, go for your RN. During your LPN first will not be a waste of time. It will give you an idea of what to except. If you decide you want to become a RN you can go back to school while making money, an also know what the caeer of an RN would be like ( It also will help understand some of your nursing courses) .

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