LPN TCAT Clarksville Tn

  1. Has anyone applied to this program yet and if so, what were your hesi scores?
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  3. by   Destinyfuturelpn
    I recently applied for the upcoming class that starts in September. I made an 84 on the math portion and an 82 on the reading portion. Overall score is an 83. I really hope it's a good enough score but you never know. I do know the paper stated we were supposed to take the critical thinking portion but it would not count against us, however I did not see the critical thinking section on mine.
  4. by   Maleigha97
    I as well did not see that portion at all on the test. We get our letters next month hopefully if we get in. I made a 98 on the math and 94 on the reading
  5. by   Destinyfuturelpn
    You have a really great chance with getting accepted. I'm sure you will be the first to receive an acceptance letter. This wait is giving me anxiety lol.
  6. by   Destinyfuturelpn
    How many people do you believe may have completed the whole process of actually turning everything in
  7. by   Maleigha97
    This is my second option since I didn't get until nursing at Nashville State, but I'm excited for the lpn, waiting for anything to do with school is nerve racking! Lol
  8. by   Maleigha97
    Well when I turned my application in, there was a huge line turning stuff in and getting test dates
  9. by   Destinyfuturelpn
    When I went it seem like there weren't too many people there. A few people didn't show up for the hesi test when I took it.
  10. by   Maleigha97
    When I took it on the 15th the room was full, I guess it depended on the times. Hopefully they don't take forever sending out acceptance letters!
  11. by   Destinyfuturelpn
    I hope so too! I'm thinking we may receive them two weeks after the deadline but you never know. Do you have a healthcare background, for example cna
  12. by   Maleigha97
    I do! I recently took a cna course at a nursing home and got certified in May. So I've been working at a nursing home since the beginning of June! Which is a relief since will be doing a lot of cna duties in the clinicals
  13. by   Destinyfuturelpn
    That's really good. I worked within a nursing home and the hospital field as a CNA. I personally believe that individuals should become cna's first, if they want to become a lpn or rn. You learn a lot just from being a cna. It's definitely rewarding.
  14. by   staci5
    I was accepted into tcat memphis

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