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  1. Hi everyone! I am currently in an ADN program in California right now, graduating May 2018. When I graduate I plan on moving to Nashville/Hendersonville area. I need advice on some RN-BSN programs in Tennessee. Anything would be helpful! It's so hard to find good info on some of the school websites. I am heading out there at the end of May all the way through the end of June, so I would love to visit some schools and talk to them in person when I'm there. Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated! Since I am coming from out of state, things are so different than what we have here (classes, requirements, etc.) and since I am not from there, I have no idea what is considered a good school, and which ones I should steer clear from. I have been looking at Tennessee state university but I saw that you have to start in the summer. If I graduate in May, by the time I take my TEAS it may be too late for me to start with them, and I really don't want to have to wait a whole extra year to start. So if anyone has anymore info on that school, or any other RN-BSN program you recommend, I appreciate it more than you know!!! I'm trying to get stuff set up ASAP so I can visit the schools when I'm out there in about a month!! Thank you all in advance!
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    I believe TSU is no longer allowed to accept nursing students (correct me if I'm wrong). University of Memphis has an RN to BSN online. It's self-paced, you have 4 years to complete and they admit students summer/spring/fall.