East Tennessee Childrens Hospital?

  1. Does anyone know anything about East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville? Pay, benefits, etc.. I am in Georgia and looking to relocate to the Knoxville area. Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   Rage
    dylaust, I don't know personally about the pay or benefits but I know someone that works over there and can ask them about it. In order to get a better perspective on what it is that your looking for let me ask you.............what department would you be looking to work? How many years of experience do you have, do you have any additional certifications, would it be the day shift or night shift your looking for........you get the idea. The more I know the more specific the information I can get for you. Plus ETCH is right next to Ft. Sanders hospital so there are alot of children at Ft. Sanders as well, and they send critical cases to ETCH from new born so if your looking at natal care then Ft. Sanders is a possibility as well.
  4. by   dylaust
    Right now I am still a student, so I have no experience. My husband and I are sure that we want to move to Tennessee, probably the Seymour area, when I graduate. I am just trying to get an idea of my options when I get there. I am looking to work in natal care but I am thinking I may have to get some experience under my belt before they will hire me for one of those positions. Thanks for your help!
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    If your looking for natal work then again it depends on what level of care you are considering..........newborns you'd prolly be looking for Sanders. Injury, illness (chronic/acute), NICU, PICU are ETCH. If your not exactely sure what speciality (or even if you want to specialize) your looking for then you might want to go in the nursing pool and float to the different departments until you find what your looking for. Wages for pooling are typically 17/hr with RN1 status, usually 3/12 shifts with night diffs, if that helps.

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