Clinals @ TSU

  1. I am attending Vol State thru TSU and was wondering if anyone new where the clinicals are usually done?

    Thanks Guys!
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  3. by   TNMommy
    Okay, is there not anyone on here that has ever graduated from Vol State or TSU? Please I need to know this info, I am probably going to have to put my son in day care during nursing school, and I need to get prepared. I would like to have him in a daycare that is on the way to the hospitals that I will be doing the clinicals at.

    Thanks to any replys!:wink2:
  4. by   xNursePinkx2b
    Your clinicals will be all over the place, so it'll be pretty impossible to have your son in a daycare that is "on the way" to the hospitals. You'll be going to several hospitals, and you don't know which ones you'll get until right before you start, and plus they'll change each semester.
  5. by   eltrip
    I graduated from TSU in '94 (BSN program). As the previous poster stated, clinicals are, indeed, all over the place. As a mom of two, I'd suggest finding one near your home, if possible. This way, it won't matter where you are but you can pick up your young'un on the way home all of the time. If it's close to the grocery store, it can be one way to group tasks together.

    Good luck to you in your studies!
  6. by   MamaG
    I am a 2nd semester TSU student at Vol State. Last semester, our whole class went to the VA. Clinical days are either Thursday or Friday. This semester, we are back at the VA - just on a different floor and they have also added rotations to other departments. (GI, Cardiac Cath, Dialysis, etc). It is my understanding that next semester, we will probably go somewhere else.

    The main campus goes to VA, Metro General, and Skyline. I'm guessing that Nashville State goes to the same places.