Clarksville or any area TN Technoly LPN programs

  1. Has anyone ever tried to get into the LPN programs in Middle Tn( Carksville, Dickson or Franklin). Is there a waiting list, how do they decide who get's in the program if they did not quailfy the the previous year??? If you are not chosen this time are you put at the top of the list next time?
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  3. by   lindseylpn
    I went to the Tennessee Tech Center of Morristown (East TN), I waited about a year to get into the program. I got an alternate position after about 6 months but, everyone showed up for the first day of class. Since I was an alternate, my name went to the top of the list for the next class.
  4. by   tntech1
    What was your NET SCORE ??? Did the others score higher or why were they chosen over you ?? Just curious and worried
  5. by   lindseylpn
    Where I went, It was first come, first serve. I took my NET test with 55 people and only 12 of us made it. Whoever applied for the nursing program first went to the top of the list and, whoever applied last went to the bottom. Don't stress and good luck. You may get stuck on a waiting list for a while but, you'll eventually get in. Oh, and if you do get put on an alternate list, go ahead and go in on the first day. I was told to wait by the phone and they would call me if they had an opening. But, after I got into the program I learned that, they picked the alternates standing in the hallway before they would call in an alternate for an opening. Your school may not be the same but, this is how mine worked. Good Luck, your in for a tough (but, rewarding) program.
  6. by   tntech1
    Here in Clarksville, they accept 27 students and no waiting list. If you do not get in you have to start the process all over. You do not have to retake the NET if you want but your score is good for 2yrs. You must pass the NET to be consider the higher the score the better. But it will not guarantee you a spot in the program, if you do not complete the application process ( NET and References no matter how high you score on NET) you will not be admitted.
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  7. by   lindseylpn
    That kinda sucks, to have to keep reapplying and taking the NET test. I'm glad Morristowns wasn't like that. Good Luck, I hope you get in.
  8. by   us4halls
    tntech i was looking into the lpn program in clarksville but i am starting to have second thoughts on it and am considering just going to austin peay and getting my rn instead
  9. by   xNursePinkx2b
    I'm not sure! I applied at TN Tech Nashville in May for the LPN program and haven't heard anything back from them yet. Does anyone know how there program works? Is it first come first serve? Waiting list? Thanks
  10. by   tntech1
    We have been in class now for 6 months, So far it been going pretty done GOOD!! only have 6 more months to go!!
  11. by   lovinlifeintn
    Hi tntech1, can you tell me what you had to do when you got your acceptance letter from tennessee tech? Did you have to send something in or call them or go to orientation??