Chattanooga State RN Program 2012 TEAS V scores

  1. hi everyone!! i'm hoping that maybe someone can answer my question about the chatt state rn program. i'm hoping to get into the fall 2012 program. i'm just curious if anyone knows what the teas v scores should be around, to even be a possible candidate for the program. i have been reading many different forums and posts from other people, saying that the teas v is harder, and that the composite scores from it will be lower than they had been from previous versions. is this true? i read where the lowest score that had been accepted for the 2011 fall class at chatt state had been an 86; so i'm wondering will that still hold true for the 2012 year. i had taken the teas v version a little over 6 months ago, just to see where i was at. my advisor had also suggested it, since there had to be a 6 month period, in between retests. i did not study at all; i really wanted to see what i needed to work on. my composite score was an 80.4. i was a little upset, even if it had been a practice run to see where i stood, because i had been hearing that you needed a score over 85 to even be considered. however the woman at the testing center said that my scores were really good, since i had taken the teas v version, and they were expecting the scores to be lower than the previous year. so i was hoping maybe someone had heard or knew anything in regards to the new teas v scores. also i have almost all of my prereq's complete; however the application deadline is in march of 2012, and i won't have my ap ii or micro complete until may, since the spring semester doesn't end til then. i will however have the classes completed before the nursing classes begin in fall 2012. i know i won't get any points for those two classes towards my application pick process; however i wasn't sure if they would be seen as a strike against me. would i have a better chance of waiting until i had the last two classes complete, and then apply for the following year? my advisor said that she didn't think it would hurt me, since i would have them completed long before the actual nursing classes started. any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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  3. by   twinsmama
    Hey! I know you posted this a few months ago but here's some input....i'm applying for fall 2012 too and taking the TEAS tomorrow (freaked!)

    From what I remember from the info session the lowest point that was intially accepted last year was around 84 admissions points BUT they then have a waitlist....some years they have used all 20 people on the waitlist and some years none.

    They say the points to get in also vary on who all is applying, so you never know!

    My points will way heavily on what I score in the TEAS tomorrow...I'm nervous...practicing math all day. Good luck!
  4. by   twinsmama
    Ok i'm back from taking the TEAS!

    Like I said before, it's not just your TEAS score, but the total admission points. Last year the cutoff for initial admission was around 86points....I have 81 or 82, so I'm feeling ok....even better if it turns out they expected the points to be lower this year lol
  5. by   CGuess
    [font=book antiqua]i figured up my points as well. as of now i have 83.3, so hopefully that isn't too bad. i'm still missing my ap ii and microbiology. they told me on the phone, since i won't have them completed by the march 15th deadline, that they won't count as points towards my acceptance. i'm going to just be positive, and hope that i have enough points for the fall 2012 semester. if i don't, then i'll just reapply next spring. at least by then i would have the extra points in ap ii and micro too. i really appreciate you responding to to me !! if you hear anything else let me know, and i'll do the same for you. good luck !!!!!!!
  6. by   twinsmama
    There is hope for us yet! Especially if what you heard about the TEAS scores falling is true. We definitely stand a good chance of getting on the waitlist at least.