Belmont ABSN Fall 2012

  1. Hello everyone - I just got my acceptance letter for Belmont's Accelerated BSN program for the Fall 2012 start. I can't seem to find a thread for Fall, only Spring. Any more of you fall people out there!?
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  3. by   lramack
    I have been accepted but I am not sure if I am going to attend.
  4. by   runforfun
    I also have been accepted for Fall 2012, but am not sure whether I will attend, as I have been accepted ot other nursing programs and Belmont is BY FAR the most expensive. Iramack, what is your reason(s) for possibly not attending Belmont? Have you been accepted to other programs as well? If so, which?
  5. by   lramack
    I also applied to Vanderbilt's nurse practitioner program. Going to Belmont would allow to follow the track I really want to which would be neonatology. I am not eligible for some of Vandy's program because I am not a nurse. Both are expensive, but at Belmont you are classified as an undergraduate so you get less loan money. So I am still a little conflicted but if I was to go with my heart it will probably be Belmont. I hear great things about their nurses.
  6. by   BusterAlex
    I agree, it's super expensive. It's so annoying because they don't even include health insurance in their tuition yet it's required. I'm paying $50K for the program and they can't even include that!? I've also been accepted to other schools: Loyola Chicago, Drexel in Philly and Marymount in DC. Of course, they are all expensive. I've heard great things about Belmont nurses too though, and doing clinicals at Vanderbilt would be nice! If you go to their website and look at the stats of their new grad residency hires, they choose more Belmont grads than anyone else. Do you both live in TN? I'm in Michigan.
  7. by   runforfun
    Quote from jillbord
    Do you both live in TN? I'm in Michigan.
    I'm in Tennessee, moved from Michigan just over a year ago. I've also been accepted to the Direct-entry MSN-CNL program at UT (the health science center in Memphis). You've picked schools all over the country. How did you choose your programs? Also, were are you in Michigan?! I grew up in the downriver area and did my undergrad (non-nursing) at a small private school in Grand Rapids.

    If you are looking to escape the snow, TN is a great choice. We got snow twice this winter, and it only stuck once, for a few hours. The summers can get hot, but the winters are MUCH more mild.
  8. by   BusterAlex
    I'm actually a Yooper! I'm from Escanaba. I did my undergrad at U of M and lived in LA and South America for the past five years, so needless to say, I like warm weather! I don't have anything holdinf me down anywhere, so I picked cities my boyfriend and I could see us living in. I wish I would have applied to public schools though, I have a panic attack just thinking about the loans! also, congrats on the acceptance to UT! Is the the prom you're going to choose?
  9. by   BusterAlex
    Wow, auto correct and typing on a phone just made me look like an idiot! I hope you can navigate your way through that message : )
  10. by   runforfun
    I will probably be going to UT, though nothing is in stone right now. I'm not planning on working during the program, and if my boyfriend finds a he wants in Nashville, I will likely end up at Belmont. We are both working in Memphis right now, but he is looking for employment where he feels more secure in his job. My boyfriend did his undergrad at U of M and he thinks it's the best school on the planet lol. Private schools have quite a few benefits. Having done my undergrad at a small private school was one of the biggest factors in my applying to Belmont. If you end up there, and it is anything like the school I went to, you will find that your professors are VERY available, with plenty of official office hours (and lots of unofficial times when they are in their office and more than happy to talk). I'm also not sure if you've seen the campus yet, but we drove through once and it is BEAUTIFUL!

    What factors are currently affecting your decision? I'm pretty set on UT, but still struggling a bit with my decision (I've applied to 6 programs and have heard back from 5 so far). It would be great to know how other people are choosing.
  11. by   BusterAlex
    My main factors for choosing Belmont came down to how helpful the staff have been during this whole process! I've talked to current students and they rave how nice the profs are (one student even spent thanksgiving with her prof because she was all alone and her teacher felt bad!). The students say they are super helpful, class are very small, and they don't try to weed anyone out, so the retention rate is high and grades are good. I eventually want to be a mental health NP so grades are VERY important to me. While the other schools I applied to had similar NCLEX pass rates, they had lower GPAs and high drop out rates. I don't want to take out all these crappy student loans to fail or get bad grades. I hope to build close connections to my profs so I can get recommendation letters for employment and grad school that are meaningful, plus Nashville is a hub for health care and I hope I don't have to move after I graduate to work. It's crazy expensive but so are all the other schools I applied to, so, what the heck, eh!? I'm just gonna suck it up, work hard to pay them off in five years, and wash my hands of it all! Maybe the potentionally/hopefully better grades will pay for it when it comes to getting tuition assistance for grad school.