APRN Licensure Wait Times (TN)

  1. I recently applied to TN BON for my APRN license. It has now been 4 weeks since I submitted the application. Has anyone else applied to Tennessee State Board of Nursing and experienced a similar wait time. I want to call but the application asks for "No Calls" ... conflicted! To call... or not to call... ??
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  3. by   VickyRN
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  4. by   sje2014
    Any update on your license yet? I applied around the same time, but haven't heard anything either. I passed my boards in October, so I am concerned they haven't realized this and put all the parts of my application together.
  5. by   NurseCJT
    Dear sje2014,
    Make sure the certifying body for which you gained certification has submitted appropriate documentation to the state BON. When I applied with the AANP, I requested that my score be "automatically" submitted to the state, and then I emailed them to confirm they did such. Also, make sure that your school sent your transcript to the BON. I requested this through the student clearinghouse so that I would get a receipt/confirmation. After several weeks of waiting. I emailed two people at the BON, and 4 different state legislators about the ridiculous wait time. After emailing the letters out to the various legislators, and speaking with one on the phone, my application was "in process" the following day. I received an email from a TN BON representative who stated they were waiting on page 4 of the application from my school. This page is the one that requires the school seal in two separate places. I faxed that page to a school administrator on December 18th and the registrar has record that it was submitted to the BON on December 19th; however, the state denies receiving it. So... I had to scan page 4 and email it to the school again last Friday. It was completed once again and mailed the same day. Unfortunately the mail had already been picked up on Friday, so it didn't actually go out until Monday (from Mobile Alabama). I'm hoping that particular piece of mail was ahead of the ice/snow storm that hit the deep south earlier this week. I emailed the rep at the BON this morning and she replied that she was keeping a look out for it and would advise as soon as she receives (it was addressed directly to her).

    Bottom line here ... the "process" is MESSED UP. This 4-6 week "processing time" from the time our check clears our financial institution is too long. I've asked state legislators to look into how this process can be "hurried along" with online application, deficiency monitoring, status updates, approval, etc.. I'm hoping that, by doing so, we can get nurses to work sooner. I have an employer waiting for me to come to work. It shouldn't be this difficult to get licensed. If you need further information, feel free to email me directly. Thanks!... and best wishes
  6. by   Balice5
    Hi NurseCJT,
    I know this post is a few years old now but I am in a similar situation and am wondering if you had any luck actually calling the BON? I recently relocated to TN from the northeast and finding a job as a new grad down here has been TOUGH! Now i finally have a potential offer pending receiving my TN license, which they are requesting by the end of next week. It's been 4 weeks since the fees were withdrawn from my bank account. Any advice on how to proceed or specifics of what should be said to expedite this? I don't want to miss out on a job opportunity
  7. by   murse04
    Did you ever figure out a way to expedite your application or did you just have to wait it out?