Any 2nd year Motlow students out there?

  1. Hello! I am starting my first year of nursing at Motlow this fall (woo hoo!)and was wondering if there are any second year students out there that would be willing to mentor me through this first year. I would treat you to lunch or dinner in exchange for your time or do whatever would be most helpful to you as I would greatly appreciate the advice and wisdom of a "big brother" or "big sister" through this first year.

    Thanks so much! Happy 4th!
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  3. by   ladynurse1
    I'm looking to go to Motlow's Lpn-RN program once I finish LPN in December. I was just wondering how hard was it to get into Motlow's RN program. How high does your GPA need to be, what do you need on the entrance test, etc.? Thanks
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  5. by   KIWI187
    Thanks busby mom for trying to help with the books I didn't realize it was against the rules. I am really having a hard time you are appreciated and my you be blessed this year with a kindness in return :wink2: