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Hi! Im starting the PN program Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology Memphis. I wanted to know could someone who graduated recently give me some tips and insight on how the program is.

Mahogany Queen

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Welcome, Freshie!! I will be in the junior class down the hall. My advice: Follow the rules. Keep your grades to yourself. If you don't understand, ask questions until you do. Read ahead of time. PrepU (you will find out what this is) everyday. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude (really goes a long way). Expect the unexpected. See you January 2nd!


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Thanks alot for that information. I cant wait to start. Do you have any tips with studying for test or exam? Do you read all the chapters word for word? Also is certain hairstyle that we have to wear for clinical?

Mahogany Queen

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Read the chapters ahead of time. The teachers will usually quickly go through the chapters via powerpoint. However, the test is more than the powerpoint. I would say read the chapters word for word. Skimming will not cut it. After you read for yourself, read it again and highlight key pionts. Make notecards with the key points to study. Pay special attention to info in boxes, they usually become "select all that apply" (SATA) questions. Practice taking quizzes on the chapter in PrepU as part of studying. Utilize the CDs that come with each book. Make sure you read the manual after your first day. That was our first test. You will start clinicals after 6-8 weeks. Your hair needs to be neat, out of your face, not touching your uniform collar. It is delineated in the handbook.


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Congrats @mmartin94 im currently trying to pass the compas reading ANY TIPS AND IF YOU DONT MIND WHAT WERE YOUR SCORES, IM PUSHING FOR THE SEPT. 2014 CLASS