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Hey guys,

I am from Pennsylvania and I have a question about a Temporary Practice Permit. I graduate in June and I want to apply for a fellowship after I graduate. However you obviously need to have a TPP or RN to participate in the fellowship. The problem is that I graduate on June 26th and the fellowship starts on June 29th. So my question to you all is, does anyone know if you are able to apply for a TPP prior to graduating from a nursing program? I start my internship next week and am therefore done with the actually classes that my program includes. Help!

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Please speak with your faculty advisor and/or the recruiter of the fellowship program you are considering. They are in a far better position to assist you with your question and guide you to the right contact person at the Pennsylvania BON than a bunch of well-meaning, but less-informed posters on a website, most of whom do not live or practice in your state.

Best of luck to you!