Telephonic Nursing


Insurance companies are hiring sometimes enmasse for positions. Several now have case management available. This can be good for nurses who have physical limitations due to injuries acquired on the job and find that the work is prohibitive. Years of experience are a bonus when assessing mbrs on the phone or assisting them to help deal with a chronic illness or condition. Some nurses with kids think this will help them with not requiring childcare but this is not so. Your attention needs to be on your work.

Moving up the chain is not so easy. I find that they appear to put nurses with master degrees in the lower positions and sometimes those with an Associate Degree end up in Management positions. Pay is mediocre and benefits not always what one would hope for. More vacation time is given though.

Bonuses: No uniforms, wear and tear on vehicles, no travel times,some flexibility, less stress. I own six nursing licenses in seven states.

Cons: Limited social activity, need to exercise on one's own time, need to have good spelling and typing skills, not a good choice for fresh out of nursing school first job. Moving up is almost impossible.

I have been doing it for about five year now. I have to read journals to keep up with changes but my plantar faciitis is gone. I have gained weight but am walking 10K steps a day to keep in shape. My stress is gone.

Telecommunication is coming. Some doctors are doing visits online. Times are a changing.