Medcor Telephone Triage--anyone?

  1. Hi--anyone on here work for Medcor? I have the final round of interviews on Monday and it all sounds really cool. Just wondering if anyone has experience there for the Telephonic Injury Triage Nurse position. Thanks!
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  3. by   Vraktar
    Can you tell me what the shift differentials were? They offered $26 an hour in our area and they have been advertising heavily. Didn't say anything about the shift differential pay so I was wondering if they told you what nights or weekends were?
  4. by   CalamityJane08
    Did either of you get the job? I just finished up their pre-assessment and wondering how you guys like the job so far?
    How are the hours? I have 3 school aged kids so I am wondering if it would provide the flexibility I am looking for.
  5. by   thetank
    Any updates on this thread? What is Medcor?