I am scared of messing up.

  1. I am a 25 year old new grad. I got hired at a really big medical practice. I am scared that I am going ot mess up and get sued later in life for something that I was stupid about now. I find things out sometimes and wonder if I did the right thing. I take home from work and constantly think about what if I did somethng wrong. I am starting to get paralysed by fear. I am a good student a nd a good nurse. I wanted to do med-surg but nothing was available around here. Is this normal. What can I do to not be so afraid and obsessive compulsive.
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  3. by   kit3375
    I know exactly how you feel. I will be so glad when I can leave work at work and come home without continuously thinking if I did or did not do something! Everyone says that in time, I'll walk out of the hospital and go home and forget about it until next time. Oh how ready I am for that day!!!!! Just wanted you to know you're not alone.....
  4. by   oldfaithful
    i'm an RN with a year and a half of med/surg experience. I graduated in 2004 and worked for a short time, now i stay at home with my kids (which is the best!). Anyways, i was terrified every second of clinicals when i was in school. i literally aced nursing school, but the fear in the clinical situation never went away. (of course i never showed this fear-my fellow students and later my co-workers and patients always thought i had it 'all together'.) Well, i thought after working for a year or so that the fear, nervousness, anxiety, would leave-but it never did. i think some people are cut out for floor nursing, and in their cases, it probably subsides. I, however, am now thinking of doing telephonic nursing or office nursing, where the fear of an emergency situation suprising me doesn't loom over my head. in shorter terms....I feel your pain.