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  1. Ive been a nurse for about 3 yrs now and just moved from medsurg to er for the experience but am learning maybe im just mot cut out for bedside at all. I would love to wah, i have a baby but i could figure out daycare for her so i could wah. Im just terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown. I just know i am miserable right now and need to build the courage to make a change. Anyone make that leap and regret it or not? Just looking for other similar experiences and encouragement. Thanks!
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  3. by   perfexion
    I was an L&D traveler but when I had my baby 3 months ago I got a WAH job. I loved it. It was seriously the best nursing job I've ever had. I loved the hours, the flexibility and the work was not too stressful. Unfortunately for financial reasons I have to go back to traveling. I highly recommend working from home, especially if you have a baby.
  4. by   Saxynurse
    What company did you use for WAH
  5. by   KittyLuv
    Just a thought, if you are thinking telephone triage nursing then you are not going to be able to have the baby making noises in the background while you are working. You will need privacy and an office with a door so that you can be professional and concentrate on the patient. I know you probably know this already but I suspect this is harder than people think it will be. People are attracted to the work at home aspect but forget about the discipline it will take. I've thought about working from home myself but I know there would be way too many distractions.