Anyone worked for Anthem?

  1. I am interested in a position at Anthem (Wellpoint) and was wondering if anyone had any experience working for them.. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   muff2
    I did and regret it, but it all depends on what youre looking for. It was great pay..they have to pay good to keep anyone. But its obvious that their priority is money first, customer second, at least in the area I was in. Theres lots of 'inside" problems and many customers call up after insurance cut, procedures not paid, meds cut and yet we were instructed to never accept blame, which to me is the same as lying. If you knew of the problems you'd agree but to be professional, I will not reveal them. There was much tension among some bosses, much bad mouthing others also. And a couple bosses would badmouth the customers.The worse is the big brother atmosphere. Its similiar to a call center..making & getting calls through the computer and all are listened to, key strokes counted, email, everything watched. You were to keep phone in ready state or you would hear about it. Certain amount of calls have to be made and inspite of the amount of hx you have to discuss with the customer, you generally had 5 mins of phone time, 10 of inputting answers and then back on phone. Expected was 30 per day of outgoing calls, to increase 5% per week. Every second is counted..persons in prison are not watched this close..they might as well shackle you to the computer. If you went to nursing to help people this would not be the place to go...its only helping angela brady line her pockets more. I hear it used to be a good place till she became ceo. I'm glad I'm out of there.
  4. by   rumpkeroad
    I agree with Muff2! At the particular unit worked many nurses were singled out and placed on the "hit" list by supervisors. Over time it became easy to see that regardless of the competency, those persons' days were numbered there. If you had 911 calls and needed help, or the call took too long due to language or education deficits...too bad! You cannot do what we have always done as a nurse-the co. doesn't care...time is $ has nothing to do with your own ethics!
  5. by   thomasz
    Really them? I will thinks about them again.