Telemetry nurse thinking of OB job



I am looking for some input from you all. I am a new grad working tely floor for about 6 months. We are extremely understaffed I start with 6 patients often, and in the moment i have a discharge i have immediately an admission waiting. I feel stressed and overworked all the time. While I enjoy tely I keep thinking about OB more and more. During my clinical I enjoyed OB but I thought it is a bit boring. Well now, I am thinking it could actually bring some peace into my life. I do not want to chose OB only for lower nurse to patient ration I also want to make sure I will enjoy it. I guess I am looking for any pointers. Is any one out here who was not sure about OB at first and loves it now? How do you know if you are OB "material" :))

Thank you so much for answering!

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Actually being an RN on an OB floor is far different than being a student on the OB floor- where your role was probably very limited. I'd suggest shadowing on an OB floor for a few days before you decide that it's the low-stress job you're looking for.