Telecommute out of the country?


Hi everyone, does anyone know if united health care, humana, cigna or other insurance companies allow their staff to telecommute out of the country. My husband owns a business in mexico and I would love to work some time from there. Or has anyone heard of a company hiring bilingual Rn to work from home and can log on from anywhere? WOuldnt that be nice! Dream job!

Please let me know



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I would ask the insurance companies for the most accurate answer.

However, I would also be concerned about licensing issues, especially since you will be working in Mexico though you are fielding calls from the U.S--you may or may not need to be licensed in Mexico to do this. So you may want to contact the appropriate boards of nursing, and if necessary, chat with a lawyer about the legalities of what you plan to do. You can find lawyers versed in dealing with nursing issues here: TAANA Executive Office - Home

You may also want to check with the U.S. and/or Mexican government to see if work visas, permits, etc. are required.

Best of luck whatever you decide!