TEAS VI tips help and questions


I just did the QUIZ section of the ATI study guide (which actually has about 4 questions less than the real exam). calculated by percentages just based on raw number of questions. I haven't really studied for the TEAS in terms of content cramming, and have just read through the entire book and did practice questions.

Reading: 82.9%

Math: 90.6%

Science: 85% (lots of mistakes and simply not remembering stuff. I feel this is my strongest section however)

English: 66.6%

I also timed while I was doing this and finished the exam at least 10 minutes before time limit. I have experience with standardized exams that are 7 hrs long, so time management wasn't too bad for me.

I am a bit stuck on how to study for this exam for reading and especially English language section however. I have forgotten all grammatical rules, and the book doesn't really help too much in terms of learning. I feel reading and English really brings my score down quite a bit, which is upsetting.

I did get the mometrix book as well, and plan to use the TEASTPREP app too.

My exam is in about 12-13 days I think. While I think it is more than enough time to brush up on my science and math simple mistakes and content, I feel lost in how to prepare for reading and writing.

Any help or tips would be appreciated!

just to give you an idea, I have minial resonposbilities until exam date, and do not mind crunching hours to prepare. I definitely do not feel I am cramming at this point, although I only have 2 weeks left.


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Download pocket prep app and just quiz yourself. Also do the comprehensive practice tests in the back of the mometrix books (I think that's the yellow bag on right?)


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yellow book* lol