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TEAS VI score and percentile rank

by Kholtmed Kholtmed (New) New

I took my TEAS VI today and I'm just wanting feedback from others. I got an overall 76%. Reading, 83, math 78, Sci 74.5, English 66. My program only requires an applicant to make above 45% of the national percentile rank, no other requirements. I was ranked at 80%. I honestly didn't study English, Science or reading. Just math. But taking it the first time and little study due to seeing what to study and get a better feel of the test, should I be satisfied with the 80%? My schools only prerequisites are high school bio, Chem and algebra, 45% national rank on teas. AP I/II can be taken during program. There's not too much advice I've read on the TEAS. But here's my experience

I used the ATI TEAS secrets version 6 mometrix to study my math. Never got around to the other stuff except science was very lackluster in looking through now. If you had API/II study the details of organ systems and what specific things do, like myosin or the organelles. I'd review everything cause there were questions from every system. Some easy, some very detailed. Lots of skeletal, gastro, integumentary, immune and reproduction ( down to specific glands doing very specific things in specific areas).

Everything else in looking at my study manual was right on track. Know your fractions, conversations and how to do proportions and ratios.


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Thanks for the info. I am scheduled to take mine January 30. My school requires a 58.7%. Congratulations!