TEAS 7 versus TEAS 6

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Has anyone taken the TEAS 7 yet? is it more difficult than TEAS 6? what do you recommend for studying? I plan to take my test in April but would like to get a head start since I haven't been in school in such a long time. thanks in advance! ?

I took the TEAS 7 but I never took the TEAS 6 to compare. I've been out of school for almost 9 years and I passed on the first try. I used Mometrix to study concept and information I'd forgotten alongside YouTube for clarification and I downloaded ATI TEAS app for practice questions. I started studying about 3 weeks prior to the exam but honestly the most helpful thing for me is that I had just taken A&P 1 and college algebra the month prior.

Congratulations for passing the TEAS test on your first try Ki! Thank you so much for replying and providing the resources you used! Good luck on your future nursing career! Take care!

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