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Teas V


I need to take the Teas Exam by February but my issue is that I won't be done with my A&P 1 or 2. So my question is, is it difficult to take the exam without finishing the classes?

It is difficult to answer this because I wouldn't want you to ignore A&P and not do well on account that I told you that you are fine. The ATI study manual really does provide most of what you need in my opinion. Most of the material I believe is from A&P I, not II. I have not taken A&P for about 20 years so I am going off of my recollection here. You should definitely know all the body systems and how they work- including how they work together. Pp. 120-121 of the study manual goes over every system including relationships between the systems. At a minimum, you should really master the science material in the ATI manual. For me, the cellular organelles and DNA/RNA stuff really challenged me. All of this was probably covered somewhere in A&P and biology.

Come up with mneumonic devices to help you remember. Some of the ones that I used:

Cellular Mitosis: PMAT = Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase (learn each step too...)

Cellular Meiosis: PMAT I and PMAT II (learn each step too...)

Color Wavelenghts: ROYGBIV (colors from long wavelengths to short wavelengths)

Electromagnetic Spectrum Wavelengths: Raging Martians Invaded Venus Using X-ray Guns

Bio Classification System: Don't Kick the Poor Cat Or Father Gets Sad

My recommendation... get the ATI manual and start studying it. You have plenty of time as February is still a long way off. I really struggled with the Chemistry as well because I just couldn't remember all of it. Know that periodic table and how the various elements behave. The table is designed quite brilliantly once you understand it. For more on the science, I used Khan's Academy (google it). He goes over the table pretty well and how to balance equations. I also used his videos to get a visual aid on cellular division (i.e. mitosis and meiosis).

Whatever you do, do not wait until January to start studying! Best wishes...