I'm taking my TEAS test on April 9th in Griffin, GA for one program.I am super excited but very nervous at the same time. I have never had testing anxiety before. Can anyone offer some test taking tips or is there anyone in my area testing soon that can relate to my situation? I took the PBS exam for a program at another school and scored well above the 230 that was required...does anyone know if the PSB and TEAS are simliar in content?


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I don't know about the PSB, but here are some study tips. Don't take the ATI practice exams right away. Study the material in the ATI book and do the practice problems. IMO, the material in the ATI book is pretty accurate, but the science material isn't detailed enough. The questions on the actual exam can be detailed and pretty much any topic in bio, A&P, chemistry & micro are up for grabs. I thought khanacademy.org and Chemistry for Dummies were pretty good resources. Also, borrow the McGraw Hill TEAS exam book from the library. When you feel you've had a pretty good understanding of the material, take the first MH exam, study your weak areas, take the next exam, etc... Save the ATI exams for last, because those are most like the actual exam, again, with the exception of the science section. The science sections on the MH books are more like the actual exam. If you do well on the MH exams and the ATI practice exams, then you will do well on the actual exam. If you do well on these exams, then you don't really need to purchase the online exams. They are quite a bit harder then the actual exam, and can be quite discouraging.

Don't work yourself over it too much. Take a deep breath; know that you did everything that you have done to prepare yourself; and think through every question carefully. Make sure you understand what the question is asking. Finally, don't panic if you don't know the answer. On the science section, I had absolutely NO idea on the first four questions. Never saw the material in a practice exam and couldn't even narrow down the answer to three choices, let alone two. I thought I knew about 60-70% of that section with confidence, could narrow down about 10-15% to two answers, and not very confident with the rest. I scored 85% on the science, which I was very happy with considering how little confidence I had with that section.

Good luck!


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Thanks for all the tips...I'm going to visit the library tomorrow and check out the book...


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Hi babyjyjy,

I agree with goemom. Don't do the ATI practice tests first - you'll feel more overwhelmed than you would have otherwise. I used ATI's official TEAS V study guide and did pretty well. The book can be expensive but there are private sellers on Amazon and ebay that might have it cheaper. I took the test 2 Saturdays ago in Texas. My worst subject was math (as usual) so for that I'd recommend paying attention to details and not rushing through the problems. You'll have plenty of time. Don't worry about not having a calculator - none of the problems asked are impossible to solve without one.

Also, I felt like the TEAS test itself was a lot easier than the study guide made it seem. Which is a good thing! While studying, just remember to take breaks and to not overwork yourself in one sitting.

And I'm sorry I don't know anything about the PSB, the only other test I've taken was the HESI.

Good luck! You'll do great!


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Thanks jbixby! I got the book yesterday...I plan on studying a little tonight and over the next couple of days, then working my way up to taking the practice test over the weekend...I will post my test scores when I get the results...THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGMENT! :)