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This is my second post on this forum and would appreciate any comments pertaining to TEAS-V for SUNY Downstate. I want to take the test later on this year and was wondering what is the passing score (if any) in terms of Downstate's standards. I searched through the forum but has yet to find anything relevant. Also, how long should I study before actually taking the test. I heard there are a lot of Chemistry questions as well as Earth Science questions (which I find ridiculous). Should I buy the study manual? Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you in advance and would help anyone in need as well. Thanks once again.


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I purchased ATI's study manual for TEAS V. It helped tremendously. You are right, there are a lot of earth science questions on the exam, but I only had maybe 5 chemistry questions. I spent about 5 weeks preparing for the exam, just working through the practice exams and finding where my weaknesses were. Best of luck on your exam!


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Buy the study materials from ATI. They are worth the money and really helped me improve and get a great score. I bought the study guide and it came with 2 onilne practice tests. I worked my way through the book, did all the study questions and practice exams in the book then took the computer tests during the last few days before my exam. The book's practice questions are tougher than the actual test, so I was really worried, but it made me better prepared. I found it really helpful to use their study guide. It explains all the problems really well and give a great overview of all the things needed for the exam. I spent about 3 weeks studying for 4-5 hours a day during the week. Good luck!


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Hi! Can anyone tell me how was the Math and Reading Comprehension sections on the TEAS V? I'm pretty sure the Science section was quite difficult!