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Sooooo i brought all the study material to prepare myself for the teas test i was to take this coming november but my school's nursing department just announced we now have to take the hessi test for 2015 hopefuls (me) im wanting to know what are some good review books for the hessi that i can purchase to be prepared by november..THANKS in advance


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Admission Assessment Exam Review / Edition 2 by HESI | 9781416056355 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble

That's the one I used and I just posted a similar answer and there are many how-to's guides and different things work for different people

What I did was give myself 4 to 6 weeks for studying and take it after all your pre-reqs

Do the study guide at least 3 times. MUST! It's not that long, and its not that bad, looking back at least.

That was what helped me most. Just going through the manual ONCE was not enough. I did it twice more. Including all the tests. And I timed myself. Time was not a major issue by the end. I actually finished my exam early. Got a 90% :)

( I was also dead sick while taking it, fever, headache, runny nose, the works - but I was not able to reschedule because it was too late so I just took it and got it over with and I was so happy with my results!)

The test seemed simple enough because that study guide really helped me, but your school might suggest another guide, check with them!

Review it front to back.

Do all the calculations by hand. The online calc they provide during the test sucks. I only used it to double check my answers.

As I did any readings, I used a separate notebook for taking notes, because writing things down helps me process the information.

Use flash cards or quizlet or something for reviewing vocab and things, I did that in between classes and stuff. I love that thing!

I just looked up hesi stuff that other people had already made and used that to review cause there are so many already posted on there.

The test is not that bad, if you prepare yourself. Just do that and you'll be fine


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ALMOST forgot! I used a lot of diagrams to go through mitosis and meiosis, just to make sure I understood all the steps and visualizing it really helped me through. There are lots of pics posted online, use them as you need them, don't overwhelm yourself :)


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Thanks so much


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What do you recommend focusing on A&P? I'm more concerned about science than the rest. Its been 4 yrs since my A&P classes and now that I'm studying I am getting so overwhelmed. Its just so much information and such little time. Is it more functions, anatomy, or order? Ugh. I'm not ready for this exam!


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I feel you thankfully i just took A&P 1 this pass spring semester and start A&P 2 next month


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When do u plan on taking your test

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