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Hello!!!! Has anyone taken the Teas test at TECO in Kissimmee, FL? Is there a Science part to it? The packet only says Math, REading and English. (Just making sure before I pay the $50, lol). Also, how is the LPN program? I want to apply to start in Jan 2011 full time and work nights at the hospital as a CNA.

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My son is studying for the TEAs test in St. Pete. If you go to myPTEC.com it will bring you to the St. Pete College site. Click on nursing and follow it through ~ it will give you information on how and where to buy a study guide for it. Also check out your local Boarders, etc. for information and then try on-line for some sample testing. I believe there is a science part to it which is driving him nuts as he's never taken science or chemistry. He's going crazy because he has to take it for entrance but nothing ventured nothing gained and he already has a BS in Education with a 4.0 as well as one class short of a Masters in Special Education. Very caring young man who should make an awesome nurse ~ unfortunately $80,000 later we realized this ~ once you have a degree you cannot get any further grants or aid, only loans. There are no positions in the area he lives in for teaching (doesn't want to leave his kids). Good luck with the exam and study, study, study ~ I know that my license will still be in effect when I pass away as I'll NEVER take the state boards again!! You can do it though, if I did you can....have fun!

I took it last Friday and I PASSED!!!!! :D

Congrats on passing. Are you starting in the Jan. Class? I am currently in the day class and will graduate in July! :yeah:

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


Hello again VALDONOVAN!!! Yes, I will be starting Jan 13. Let me know if you have any of the books that we will be using. If you can tell me a little about the program and your opinion. SOOO EXCITED.:)

Mon-Fri 7:30-2:00.. lunch 11:15-12:00

You will start clinicals after about 3 weeks of school.

Clinicals will be Th and Fr from 6:30-1:30 and will be at either Osc Health Care or Avante NH in St. Cloud.

Tests are almost every day, especially for the first couple of months. Use your powerpoints to help you study. Figure out what your study style is... many people use flash cards, some people do study groups.. others study better alone.

Your first course will be "Core" then "Fundamentals." After those you will get A&P and Pharmacology.

Mrs. B will be your main instructor in the begining. You won't really have Mrs. Weller much until A&P.

The program is very intense but it is NOT impossible!! Do not let yourself ever fall behind. And do NOT procrastinate!! Be ready to work HARD!!

It is a very good program!! I have learned sooo much in such a short amount of time! Hospital clnicals are GREAT!!! I was at Osc. Regional for this rotation.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything I can help you with!!

Talk to ya' very soon!!!!


Hello i need some help i

am currently a CNA and I'm going next week to take the Teas test at teco in Kissimmee Fl I need help on how to prepare for this entrance test for the LPN program . I'm so nervous and stressed.

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