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I'm looking to go to Riverside school of nursing. I would like to be a RN. However I need assistance on studying for my teas test anybody know of any good websites that helps you practice on teas. Also has anybody had complaints going to ECPI any problems with the accreditedation . HELP!


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While I am unable to assist you with ECPI related questions, I would suggest that you speak with a nursing advisor at the school you are looking at. They would be the best people to determine whether a class taken elsewhere will be accepted.

I think I found a website called union test prep awhile back that allows you to practice questions in different sections. I would also recommend looking into an app for your phone. Some of them have trial versions available. I was personally advised to purchase the ATI TEAS study manual and both practice tests. The first test should be taken before you start studying and the second one about two days before you actually test. CrashCourse and Khan Academy have some excellent videos to supplement the science section.

I hope this helps :)


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I used a TEAS 6 practice app by CoCo E-Learning on Android, and it really helped me. It tells you what you need to work on and study with explanations after each question. It is on Android, not sure about Iphone. I also took the ATI practice test A to get a feel for the way it would be. I scored 85 on the practice, and then 95% on the actual TEAS. Good luck!