I wanted to see if anyone can tell me if you are able to use a basic calculator when you take your Teas test.

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You are not allowed to use anything but a pencil and the paper they provide you. If math is your weak point, I'd go to their website and order the TEAS study manual. I used it and got a 92% and I suck at math. It's really not that difficult, so don't get worried :)

Here's the FAQ for the TEAS on the ATI website if you have any more questions about it. It's best to be prepared :)



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No...but no worries! I took mine at the beginning of the summer and was worried especially in the math area. Review your high school math basics and you'll be fine without one. Good luck to you!


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Thank you so much for the website for the Teas test. I just tested on Fri. taking the Net and now they're doing the switch to Teas...I passed all, but the Math....of course!!! At this point, IF I pass, I won't get in until next May.....gees, I'll be 55 when I'm done....guess, we all have to start somewhere! :lol2:


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You won't need a calculator. It's really not that hard. Just need paper and pencil to work a few basic problems.


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Thanks much for the reply. I took Business in h.s., so the Sciences and Math required is a whole new world to me! :up:

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