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How common is it to score a full 100 on the TEAS? Is it unheard of? I can’t seem

to find any stats anywhere on what the scores are per year (for eg). Does anyone know if those stats exist? I know the mean but not the range or the number or % for each score. Thanks!

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Hi Nickyw, 

Actually there’s is a facebook group that a member score 100% on all areas of the TEAS7 test. She took a picture of her ATI TEAS7 results and share it with the group. It’s called, ATI help study group by smart edition academy. I think it’s the first time ever someone score 100% on all areas of the TEAS7. She included valuable tips on what resources she used and how she used them☺️. I’m currently a member and it’s such a helpful group. It’s free btw, you just have to submit a request to join.

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youre gonna laugh! That was ME! I am still shocked so was asking here how common it was! LOL!

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?, LOL too funny??

Congratulations on getting a perfect on the TEAS7 by the way and thank you for sharing all your helpful tips Nickyw. ???

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18 hours ago, Teine684 said:

?, LOL too funny??

Congratulations on getting a perfect 100% on the TEAS7 by the way and thank you for sharing all your helpful tips Nickyw. ???


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@Teine684 its my pleasure. Im happy to help while I can. Once im in school I suspect ill disappear! But for now would love to help as many as I can because I know how stressful it is!

I would appreciate any advice you have for me!! 


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Hi @NayNurse2B !

ill just copy and paste what I wrote in the study group. Hold on….

1) DEFINITELY do all the prerequisites first. They really do cover everything. 
2) use more than one study guide. I used mometrix and Smart Edition. they were 80-90% similar but the extra bits covered everything. But different people have different study methods so do whatever works for you. I’m very much a reader so I love the books. But utilize any and all resources that you are comfortable with.
3) do every single practice test you can lay your hands on! I used all 6 online mometrix tests, the 2 ATI practice tests, and the SE test (couldn’t find the others online, just the one). treat each test as if it’s the real thing - do it where you will be doing the actual test, time it and imagine it is the real thing.
4) study little and often. I did 4 hours a day for 6 weeks, but an hour here, an hour there, and mixed it up with memorizing, reading and practice questions.
5) it’s so tempting to keep going with the stuff you already know, but really focus on the stuff you’re struggling with. It’s demoralizing in the beginning but worth it in the end.
6) relax! Enjoy the ride! This is HARD! But if you keep working at it and keep studying you’ll get there!

The exam itself….

7) I’m not kidding - I PRAYED before I sat down! I’m not religious AT ALL! But I just asked for guidance if anyone happens to be listening. And I swear to god there were maybe 6-8 questions I had to go 50:50 on. I can’t believe I got them all right! someone was guiding me, I swear it!

8.) don’t worry about the time. Read each question carefully, and if there is a question you’re not sure of TAKE YOUR BEST GUESS AND JOT DOWN THE NUMBER. I returned to all the questions I was iffy on at the end of the section when I could see exactly how much time I had left, and put more thought into them without the pressure. I had around 4 in reading, 1 in math, 14 in science and 5 in English. Literally counted them all on my scratch paper at the end! I returned to them all and put extra thought into them.

9) most of them you can narrow down to 50:50. If you’re really stuck, read the question carefully one more time - there are often clues in the question. Then take your best shot. There is no doubt at all I got REALLY lucky on my guesses. But even without luck, I estimate I would have gotten around low 90s. 

10) teach someone! I always find the best way to retain info is to teach it. It sounds ridiculous but I have an imaginary friend in my car I teach concepts to when I’m driving around!

11) trust me on this one because it’s critically important: PEE BEFORE THE EXAM STARTS! ?‍♀️ ? 


That’s very helpful!! Thank you so much!


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Is it okay to take the TEAS before taking Microbiology (I read that there's no Microbiology on the TEAS test). 

Did you buy the $250 ATI TEAS Comprehensive Study Package?

Any other resources you used to learn, on Youtube for example. It's overwhelming how many different resources there are. I want to streamline so I don't get confused. 



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Hi @CloCloAA

I don’t know where you read that there is no Microbiology on the test but that is not actually true! I think where the confusion lies is that it is actually just called biology. But in the biology section that I studied to prepare for the exam, there was a lot of stuff that I studied in Microbiology. For example the immune system, virology, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, cell Biology and taxonomy.

All of that said, I think you can get away with not doing Microbiology first if you have a good grounding in basic biology.

I did not buy the $250 package. I did buy the ATI practice exam package which was about $60 after discount. The two main books I used were mometrix and smart edition. I also used an old GED textbook to do lots of math practice questions because it has been a very long time since I studied math! I’ll also be completely honest and admit that I would say definitely 92% or so of my Final score was my own hard work, but that final 8%?! I have no rational explanation for it and I’m putting it down to Divine intervention! I got really really lucky with my guesses!

The absolute best advice I can give is to say do as many practice exams as you can! The TEAS questions are not like prerequisite exams. They do not test your knowledge. They test your attention to detail, critical thinking, and application of the knowledge. They are much more aligned to the kind of questions you will have in nursing school. I think that is where a lot of people fall down on the exam. They do all the studying and all the hard work, but they are just not used to the questions.

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