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Took it today and did well *I think* but dont really have any other scores to compare it to. My school is now going by your raw scores in math & science added together and the highest of these get a seat. This is the first time they are doing this so even the academic advisors had no advice to give me on if my scores were 'good enough' or I should try again. Im thinking I may give it another try and take the top score just for the heck of it. Anyway, I would like some feedback on my math & science scores, would you retake? Do you think I may have a chance? There are like 300 applicants every semester for 50 seats.

Math Adjusted Individual score: 82.2%

Science Adjusted Individual score: 83.3%

The English and Reading sections you only are required to pass, which I believe is a 60%, and I did, but anything over that isnt really considered for getting in.

There will also be 3 points added to this because I got the A in A&P I.

My application is due Oct 1st so Im pretty sure I will retake, just looking for some feedback here. Thanks!

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If you have the opportunity to retake the test and the school is willing to take the higher grade of either attempt, I would say definately go for it! I took the TEAS this past spring and passed with a 89% composite score. This was the average for last semster as was my gpa. I knew I was taking a bit of a risk by not at least trying to raise my TEAS score, but I decided to just go with what I had. Thankfully, I was accepted for this coming fall, but my friend who had the same gpa as me but a TEAS score of 87% was listed as an alternate. Thankfully, she was able to get a spot as well, but man I must have been cutting it close! I would be really kicking myself in the you-know-what had I not been accepted, knowing fully well I had the opportunity to take the test again and get a higher score.

Good luck in whatever you decide!!


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Thanks, I think I am going to take it again...

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