TEAS pre-entrance exam study tips/book?


I need to make a really high score. What's the best way to prepare? Anyone know of a good study book they used successfully?

Use the one that ATI puts out. Also use the app and practice every day. Then do the practice tests online. I didn't well by using these tips, but I also knew the material well.


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I bought the online smart prep package by ATI. It's pricey but I think it was well worth it, I just got my letter yesterday saying I was accepted to nursing school in january! But that was the only thing I used to study.


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Per what I was reading and what others have said was the ATI teas study manual. I took it upon myself to get the momentrix.. you can look at it online via youtube

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I used mometrix and scored 91.3 on the actual exam.


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I used Mometrix videos on YouTube and ATI tests in the ATI TEAS 6 testbook. Got an 86.7. Make sure you are definitely comfortable with the material and the timed testing atmosphere. I have also heard that the Practice Tests on the ATI website are great for study purposes. I think they are $50 a pop, but worth it!