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TEAS 6 Kaplan Study Guide Reviews?

by shacocumm shacocumm (New) New

I've been studying for the TEAS 6 for the past three weeks using the latest edition of the Kaplan study guide (blue book). I am starting to feel like it may not be enough, especially for the science portion of the test.

So far, I've completed the Reading Comprehension and English and Language Usage sections, scoring highly on other free practice tests as well as the diagnostic in the actual book. English has always been my best subject but it did help to brush up on certain topics. I have not tried the second practice test as of yet because you can't do it by section online.

Now with the Mathematics and Science sections, I'm feeling like I'm not getting enough information from this book, so I've been using google to find other resources. That has been helpful with math, but not so much Science as I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for. I've never taken A&P or Chemistry and I took Biology in high school almost 7 years ago.

The required score for entry into my program is a 49% composite and a 63.3% for math. Did anyone else use this study guide? Was it enough? Did the test questions look similar?

Thanks in advance!