Teas 6 help in English section and the rest!


I took teas again last month and I got a low 58%. I am considering to move in Quincy college in fall 2018. I think the passing is 65%. But average students who got accepted to the program had 70%.

When I took the test last month, I got

English- 61.7%

Math- 62.5%



My greatest enemy is English grammar usage, it's just so annoying and so easy to make mistake. Is there any other way besides Ati manual book, mometrix, or prance prep app. I have tried every method for this teas 6. I don't know what else to try. Also for reading section is it better to start off by 53-1? Science section the question was too vague. I studied from book and pocket prep app. Stilll I got 57.2, I have seen people suggested khan academy for science sections ? I am prolly taking teas again in Quincy college during April .

thank you guys.

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There are few things you can do. Please don't give up! I am also studying hard too and I'm going through the motions.

Below I posted some of my resources good luck.

English and Grammar online free practice questions

Question 41 of the English and Language Usage Practice Test for the TEAS

English Grammar youtube teacher that has helped me so much.

an online affordable course

Prenursing Smarter | Study Online for the ATI TEAS 6

A Phone App

Teas Mastery Version 6

Mometrix teas 6 Book ( for the science and for extra practice test)

I know it's a lot but think about it we need to see something 10 different ways to get a grasp on a concept!

By the way, what I am finding to be more helpful is going through my resources and then doing practice quizzes and questions over and over. Think about it there are only so many ways you can shake up English and Grammar! You got this!!! Blessings!


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If you will be taking courses at a college/university in the spring, check to see if it has a writing lab or something similar. Typically, writing labs will have grammar and reading resources and will provide tutors or some type of teaching sessions. They can be immensely helpful. Based on what I saw on the test and my practice tests, I'd suggest focusing on punctuation (commas, colons, semicolons), diction (commonly confused words), apostrophes and possessives, pronoun case, pronoun reference and antecedent agreement (basics at least), sentence fragments/comma splices, and subject-verb agreement (especially the tricky cases). It might also be good to review dangling modifiers and quotation techniques (such as when questions marks go before or after the quotation marks) because while I don't remember having any of those, they are fairly common rules that are on grammar tests.

Khan Academy also has a grammar section (and a math section).

Crash Course is a good general overview of A&P. Khan Academy is good for specifics and more details of each system. Make sure you review the endocrine system.