TEAS freakout...what are your test taking strategies?

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Okay, no, not really. I'm actually looking forward to getting my hands on this sucker and getting it done!!

BUT, I am afraid when the time actually comes, I'm going to go blank. :confused: I am wondering what other people do to de-stress before and during the test? I've also heard people who eat a high carb meal beforehand. (???) I know when my kids take state tests, they are told to bring candy or gum.

For me, chewing gum seems to help during a test.

What do you do?

I'm taking this test on Monday (9/20) and I wanna be 110%

Have faith in yourself and confidence in your abilities...take a few cleansing breaths before you start and take your time in reading the questions. Although the sections are timed, you will complete them with time to spare. If you are taking the test in the morning, conduct your final study session the night before and don't look at any study materials in the morning...sometimes too much studying is just as bad as not studying enough. You need your mind to be clear and not jumbled with factoids and/or concepts you just looked at.

Again...it bears repeating...have confidence in your abilities!

Just my two-cents...

THANK YOU !! :specs:

that's terrific advice, and much appreciated!

it is actually the timed part that sorta panics me, so knowing I can take my time and still have time to spare helps.

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