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Hi, I am taking the TEAS exam at Lincoln Tech next Friday, I would like to know what type of questions are on the TEAS exam I heard its just reading and math, but what type of math? I will be attending the center city campus for the LPN program please if someone could give me some information about the TEAS exam and LTI LPN program as well I would be delighted:) thanks in advance... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

It asked algebra and basic math questions, science, chemistry, reading and writing, pretty much a little bit of everything. I actually had a teas test prep book, I just worked the practice test inside and passed!

There are four parts:




English and Language Usage

I am using the 5 TEAS Practice Tests by McGraw Hill. In the intro it breaks down the sections and what you can expect to see or what to study.

I got this book at Barnes and Noble for about 21.00. You can get it from Walmart online for cheaper and do site to store to pay no shipping. Others have used the ATI book as well.

There is a whole section dedicated to the TEAS test on here :) Check it out for more tips :)

Good luck!

Mine was reading/math & it was very basic & easy. Basic intro algebra & some word problems, fractions, decimels.

Thank you very much for your responses. Did anyone do the LPN program at Lincoln Tech, if so how was it?

PrincessMama...I am so nervous about this exam and everyone keep telling me it is easy lol.It sounds like you took your teas at LTI because they are the only LPN program i know that does just the reading and math section. If you did do that program how was your experience there?

I chose not to do the program. I'm pursuing an ADN instead. LTI's test is very easy because almost everyone gets in. I'd advise you to think long & hard before you spend the money on LTI. I know many think it's a faster, easier route but when I researched if further that wasn't the case. In CT, where I am, you still need to complete all the same prereq's & co-req's to do the LPN-RN bridge & you need to apply as a generic RN student & if accepted then request the advanced placement.

Thanks for the advice, I know that i am going to have to do my prereqs for the bsn program. I'm doing the LPN program because my FA got suspended at my cc and i didnt want to sit out a whole semester and i didn't have the money to pay out of pocket for the classes. So i am going to do the LPN program get a job and pay for my prereqs for the Bsn Program and by then my FA will be reinstated. And the college I will be attending for my BSN i only need 30 credits and my LPN than i can start

Then you've done your due diligence. Don't worry about getting in. Pretty much the only criteria is the ability to pay/get loans to pay.

Thank you Princess mama hopefully i don't have to take out much for loans :uhoh21:

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He lala, I am currently in the nursing program in LTI but in Jersey. It is very intense, but you just need to maintain positive, and stay focus, if you have anyother questions just send me a message, or email me....

Hey Nursing Pride, I can't Message because i'm new to this site and I need 15 post, but I do have some questions about the teas was it just reading and math? And how is the clinicals? And how was orientation? Sorry for all the questions i'm just curious about a lot of things.

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