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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

  1. by   tiger_maya
    Thankyou for putting that imformation up there because I recently just took my exam and didnt do so well, but your advice has given me motivation to do better next time.
  2. by   ACCRN2012
    Quote from addisonlawrence03
    aacrn, since you took the test before, do you remember the type of questions that were asked? since you're familiar with the content you can just go over what you missed. at least you have an idea of what to study for now, right?
    hi addisonlawrence,

    the test is different the second time you take it. i heard the second time is just as hard as the first time.
  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   Snafu13
    Just took the TEAS V yesterday...ended up with a 79.3%...not too shabby in my opinion. I lacked in the A&P component because I just recently started the class.

    I have always planned on taking it twice, since I considered the 1st go-round to be a "what does this monster look like?" kind of thing, so for me, a 79% right out of the gate isn't bad!

    I REALLY like that the print-out tells you EXACTLY where to focus your next study efforts and even gives you the page and section numbers of the study guide to help you pinpoint where you went wrong.

    I was actually shocked to see how low I scored on the last component of the test, since English/Writing/Sentence composition has always been my strong point. This assumption was clearly a downside because I didn't spend any time going over the sentence structure study section (but now I know I should).

    It's funny, I went into the test so worried about my performance in science and math, and I nearly ACED those portions (minus the A&P for obvious reasons), and didn't do so hot on the topics I thought I was strong in.

    The next take should be an improvement
  5. by   Gayana
    I took TEAS v today ...and it was very hard for me, especially the reading portion. I think i might need to retake it again. Any tips how to do better on Reading part?
  6. by   Eagle2110
    Quote from accrn2012
    hi addisonlawrence,

    no. my school requires a 58.7% to apply for the nursing program. most of the students in my school applying for the same program are scoring in the 90s or higher.

    [font=book antiqua]hey, if you don't mind me asking....where are you applying? because i've been trying to find out how everyone in my school is doing on the test but dont really know anyone; and that 58.7 is the requirement for my school also.
  7. by   yolysoon2be_nurse

    hi everyone, i am new to the site. i have been reading this thread about the teas v and it has been really helpful. i am taking the teas v test on 9/12 and i am super nervous! i am hoping someone can give me insight on the reading portion of this test. in the study manual teas v, the reading portion questions are about the topic, main idea, theme... are the questions on the actual test like this? i have always thought reading was my best subject but the teas v study manual has proved me wrong!
    hoping someone that has taken the actual test can give me some advice.
  8. by   lisa adegbe21
    Hello everyone.. I just took the teas today n i did reallly bad? its only my second time and im already dreading.. I took the time to study from the book and Im still not getting a passing score? is there any helpful ways ? should i hire a tutor?
  9. by   texas_girl
    @lisa_adegbe- What are your biggest problem areas/sections?
  10. by   rosie1012
    Hey Lisa do you remember anything on the test ..rosiecox57@yahoo.com, I am taking my first test this coming Tuesday
    any tips would help!!

  11. by   kmoty01
    I was just wondering if I should purchase the TEAS studyguide? I have the PAX review book and was hoping I could just use it. Any suggestions on whether you think the two are similar will be greatly appreciated.
  12. by   aclays
    Quote from kmoty01
    I was just wondering if I should purchase the TEAS studyguide? I have the PAX review book and was hoping I could just use it. Any suggestions on whether you think the two are similar will be greatly appreciated.
    While I don't know anything about the PAX review book, I do have experience with the official TEAS Study Guide that I purchased from Barnes and Noble for about $30. I studied the guide an hour or so a day for two weeks and got a 99th percentile score on the exam due to the study guide and two paper practice tests included in the book. There was not a single question on the TEAS that I didn't feel the guide prepared me for. You can probably find a cheaper version of the guide on ebay if you really need to cut costs and are not in an extreme hurry. Good luck!
  13. by   kmoty01
    Thanks! I think i'm going to go purchase the study guide.