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  1. I have Test anxiety so I tend to get anxious or nervous. My brain starts to wonder off too. The Teas Test can be something good or bad. I really want to do good on the Teas Test. I've already took it once and I didn't do to hot on it. So this time around I want to improve my score a lot. I know I need a Teas practice handbook which I could get from Barnes and Noble or the Teas website. My study habits is not the best but I'm willing to study my butt off. Any good advice is needed. Tips and all! I know what to expect from the test but also something that's helpful is how many hours did someone study for each section? I'm going to prepare a month in advance. I've been watching YouTube videos to see others advice but I just want to be prepared. The first time I admit I wasn't ready. My mind wasn't right and I was really stressed. I heard that the Teas Test is for us to learn how to take a test. I don't know because I'm not good at taking tests. Also what are ways I can make studying for the Teas Test interesting? That'll be helpful too because I do get bored or sleepy whenever I study for things. Sometimes my brain wonders off and I'm thinking of something else out of the blue. The grade that I want is in the A or B range. Even if I get a C I'll be satisfied because C's get degrees too. I'm willing to hear all the amazing advice whether you passed it or have tips that helped you improved while taking this test. All helpful advice is needed please and thank you!
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    If you pull up your results on your ATI account, it will tell you the subjects that you missed questions on, such as Numbers and Algebra - Using estimations to solve real-world problems. Use that to create an idea of what you need to focus on the most.

    There's also practice exams on the ATI website that you might be able to use to kind of simulate taking the TEAS. Maybe go to the library and only allow yourself the same things you can use on the actual test. Then time yourself to make sure you finish each section in the correct time. It won't be totally the same since the practice tests tell you the right answer after each question, but it might be close enough that you get more used to taking tests.

    Create a schedule for studying so that you have certain times set aside where you need to study. Try to schedule it during times you will be rested. If you already begin to get sleepy while studying, the last thing you want to do is study at the end of the day when you've already used most of your energy.

    Try to get a study guide with some practice tests. When you miss anything, write down what the questions was, what you answered, and what the right answer was. Then review and study that subject to make sure you will know how to answer that and other questions in the future. There are also at least two TEAS study apps for your phone. You can use those to fill those times you are just sitting and waiting on something or someone.

    If you find it easier to pay attention to videos, you can always use educational videos to break up studying from the text. That might help you with getting bored, and they will give you something visual to learn from.

    Otherwise, just try to find what type of studying techniques help for you. I personally like to take notes so I can physically write out how certain elements connect, draw conclusions, and simplify the information. For me, that helps me remember. However, others like to draw out the information or create flash cards. Some prefer to talk through the information out loud. Some people need to use their school's resources for physical models so they can see and touch something. Some can only learn visually through videos.