Teas V Reading Section Help?

  1. Ashamed of my TEAS reading section results...UGH! I just took my test a couple weeks ago and felt GREAT about it. Got my results back and could'nt help but notice the nasty looking 58.0% I made on the reading section. I can't believe I did so bad... On all my practice test I missed 5 or 6! I missed the easy direction problems. How can I be prepared for this next time? Anything on the net that I could get help for this section? I mean really... I know how to read but I sure hit a road gap here.. any suggestions???

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  3. by   AddisonLawrence03
    I know...I had the same problem. Wished the ATI book had more direction type problems in there. The few they do have are really easy. Perhaps try a school where the Reading score doesn't have to be so high?
  4. by   Spiffyness
    The reading portion is difficult for me too. I was never good at reading comprehension!
    I took the TEAS exam twice. First time I got a 76% overall with a 71.4% in the Reading, next time i got a 88.7% overall with a 83.3% in reading. I mostly just reviewed the passages in the ATI study book (both in the study guide portion and in the 2 practice tests) and then I read how they got that answer so I would know how they want you to answer the question. If I had just taken the test and answered it with the way I think I would probably have gotten every question wrong. It's all about how they want you to think about the question to get to an answer.

    Also, when taking the exam, the second time I did all of the informational source stuff first so that I would have all my time left to focus on the passages. I found that very helpful because the first time I took it I spent too much time on the passages and I was rushed through the last like 5-10 questions of the informational source and probably got some easy ones wrong.
  5. by   bemal
    hi everyone,

    i just took TEAS last week. I scored high on all the sections exepct reading. I only got 66%. I'm retaking the test in 3 weeks.
    Does anyone has any advice how to prepare for it. I feel like the main problem was time. I spend too much time on the passages, and then I rushed through the rest. Practice problems in ATI in the reading section are so much easier then on the real test.
    Thank you for any help.
  6. by   sacnurse
    Buy the "5 TEAS practice tests" by Mcgrawhill
  7. by   BinksWife
    I suggested and received positive feedback from others when I told them that the best way to prepare for the reading section of the TEAS is to read. I know that it sounds silly but it works. Just read short stories that are in magazines or on the internet. When you finish, go over in your head what the story was about, who the main characters are, etc.. I hope this helps. Good luck to all.
  8. by   bemal
    Thank you for the reply. I hope I will do better second time.