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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any free study / practice tests for the TEAs exam? Having been an LPN for 28 yrs I know that if you don't use the information you lose it. I somehow overlooked the deadline for the exam and now have only 2 weeks to prepare. I'm watching utube, reviewing notes from previous courses and utilizing khans and Bozeman but I can't seem to find free practice tests. Any helpful sites or apps would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    You can get some free questions (like 100, I think?) from the Pocket Prep TEAS app and the TEAS Mastery app. After that, it requires you to pay for access to everything.

    For free websites, I used a variety of these:

    Free TEAS Practice Test | ATI TEAS Practice Test Questions
    TEAS Practice Test
    Free Practice Test for the TEAS
    Free TEAS Practice Tests | TEAS - Test-Guide.com
    TEAS Practice Test | Free ATI TEAS Practice QuestionsTEAS(R) Practice Test | Free Teas(R) Practice Questions

    Some of them might be a bit more chem heavy than the actual test, but they still gave me a good idea of what to review.
  4. by   tallMRnurse
    Mometrix was great for me! They have free practice online tests and they also had free videos. I just googled "Mometrix Teas practice tests" and got to them that way. The only thing I'd recommend is to seek anatomy & physiology help elsewhere, they didn't get into alot of A&P.