TEAS exam tips

  1. Does anyone, specifically in NY, area have any tips for TEAS exam? What to expect, level of difficulty, etc...?
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  3. by   thewhitechickoj
    It varies from person to person, to be honest. I personally found the material not to be too difficult, but I stressed more over the time limits. Have you invested in any study guides or materials? I highly recommend the study package from ATI. It includes the study manual and two practice tests. I took a practice test before I began to study and then took the other after I had studied for a while. There is also a free app called "TEAS Mastery" which you can put on a tablet or phone so you can study a little bit whenever you have the time.
  4. by   jenfattz
    My advice would be to leave yourself plenty of time so that you can take it again if you need to, and don't stress over it. I'm in NJ and we did not have to take the science portion, which was great. I took it in July, a year in advance, mostly so I could see what it was all about, see where I needed to improve, and then I would have plenty of time to take it again. Turns out, I did pretty well and do not need to take it again. I think a lot of that was because I didn't stress over it. I also took quite a few practice tests online, and Khan academy was helpful for the math problems I didn't understand. I've been out of school for 20 years so there was some math I needed to review. But all in all, the test really wasn't too bad. Good luck!