Teas Exam this tues. anyone take new york

  1. Hi everyone .... Im soo nervous and going crazy .. Just wanted to kno if anyone took it in NY im taking it at Dutchess boces the 22and stressing out if I fail can't take it til next year ... for each subject what should I mainly concentrate on please ... Not looking for answers but examples thank you and good luck to everyone...
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  3. by   Okami_CCRN
    I am from NJ but had no choice but to take it in Brooklyn, NY.

    The reading comprehension section is mainly small paragraphs followed by questions about it such as who was the protagonist, what type of passage was it, and usually what should the title be.

    The math section is pretty straight forward; remember PEMDAS, know decimals, fractions, know some geometry (basic), algebra (basic) there are some pattern recognition questions as well.

    The science section is pretty hard to gauge, the majority of mine was life and physical science. Just try to have a broad knowledge of biology chem and physics.

    Lastly the English section is really the hardest (for me) it was basically elementary school English, such as sentence structure, what type of sentence, subject, nouns, pronouns, grammar, all that good stuff

    Best of Luck!
  4. by   JBISHUN21
    Thank you..... Ive been studying but its so much and I dont kno how much detail to go into each subject...thou