TEAS advice getting ready to take it for the first time!

  1. Just looking for some general advice, I have the ATI study guide and have been going through it over the past couple months but I'm just about to focus these last few weeks hard on studying. I took the online practice test and scored an 80% overall obviously that shows I need more practice, my weak sections are the science and English portions. Just wanted to see if the types of questions in the study guide are what I should expect on the test, I know some people say that the booked helped a lot and others that said it didn't help at all, I do well on the human body science stuff and some other portions of biology what gets me is the chemistry and other questions about science that kill me (50% in the science portion practice boo ) Any tips for the English portion is also appreciated. Also I get bad test anxiety for huge test like this so any tips on some ways to calm myself and relax is appreciated! I take it in a month, looking forward to what everyone has to say and thanks!
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  3. by   brb46
    I don't remember a lot about the specifics of the test, but try studying the basics from your anatomy/physiology/chemistry classes, and do lots of online practice in addition to your study guide. I didn't even think to do any studying, took a practice test at about 7pm the night before the test, studied ALL night and got a 93. The English portion came very easily to me, so I definitely spent most of the time studying science... Take the questions from the practice and just elaborate on those topics as much as you can. They will put some really random stuff on there in the science section. Weather, geology, etc. Try to get the grammar rules down. If you get a question wrong practicing, really figure out why and think of some more examples on your own.